Global Branding For A Revolutionary New Energy Standard

Developing branding for most start-ups usually involves looking at national markets before the business grows into the international arena. Our work with EnergyTag is different. Right from day one, the organisation was committed to launching globally. And for a very good reason.

EnergyTag is more than a start-up with a big idea. It’s a brand new, global standard that transforms the way that renewable sources of energy are certified.

Currently, the norm is for energy sources to be certified on an annual basis. But this leaves room for the use of non-renewable sources of energy mixed in with the renewables. In other words, even if you’re on a ‘green tariff’, there is no absolute certainty that the energy you’re using right now is from a renewable source.

It’s a problem that is well-known within the energy sector. In fact, there’s an increasing number of companies and technologies being introduced around the world to address the problem.

By certifying the source of energy on an hourly basis, a much greater level of transparency is built into the system.

EnergyTag’s mission is to create a universally accepted standard to make sure companies and technologies can be judged against parameters that are agreed on a global basis.

We started, as we always do when it comes to building a brand from scratch, by talking to stakeholders as part of our Brand Character programme. We do this by identifying the brand’s proposition, positioning and personality. From there, we create key messages, a positioning statement, a tone of voice and a design strategy that releases the power of the brand.

It’s a process that worked for EnergyTag. Within months of launching, EnergyTag’s membership includes more than 60 of the world’s leading companies, NGOs and academic institutions. Together, they’re working with EnergyTag to agree a global standard that will transform the way the world sources its energy.

All of which supports our thinking: if you’re going to change the world, great branding helps.

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